Book Review: The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations

The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations, (Zondervan, 2018) is a great idea book for the out-of-school-getting-kinda-bored kid.  There are activities for both boys and girls including simple crafts, games and challenges. 

Each adventure includes a bible verse (taken from the New International Version) and a thought to direct thoughts toward spiritual things as you are completing an activity.  These two features alone were worth 3 stars in my opinion!  It’s incredible to find a book that will keep a child busy and still keep them focused on The Lord. 

There isn’t really an age range given on this book although the introduction does mention that adult help would be needed for some of the activities.  Really I think children of all ages would enjoy it!  Some of the crafts are as simple as drawing fruit or mixing trail mix.  Others are a little more involved like setting up a tent and learning first aid.  I can even imagine older kids enjoying this along with younger siblings or cousins.

Overall, I’m pleased to give 5 stars to this little book which Zondervan supplied to me in exchange for a fair review.