Tennessee Mountain Stories

Replacing Ann: Last FREE Day

I wanted to post a little note to remind you that today is the last day you can pickup the Replacing Ann eBook for free.

Now, I will do another free period, but Amazon makes me wait 90 days so I can’t offer it for free again until December.  So I really hope that all of you will download a copy of it today.

Several of you have said very kind things about the book and I certainly appreciate that.  And, several have left reviews on Amazon.  I want to remind you now to please leave a review – you can click here and do that right now. 

Only with a lot of good reviews does Amazon promote the book.  Without promotion from some of these major sites, I can’t hopes to “sell” more than a few hundred copies.  And it will take a few thousand to convince a publisher to buy my other books.

So please be sure to download the book, ask your friends to download and then be sure you go to Amazon and leave a review.

I really appreciate all of you loyal readers and I certainly thank you for your help on this project.  I look forward to providing you with lots of other book and stories that I hope you will enjoy.