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Replacing Ann

Bill Lewis seems to have the Midas’ touch – everything he attempts succeeds wildly.  Yet, his children are hungry, ragged and barefoot.

His first wife, Ann, made him happy beyond words.  When she died a part of Bill died too.  Why can’t his devoted second wife, Nadine, fill the void?

Bill is frequently away from home as he searches for something to replace Ann.   Despite his long absences, Nadine faithfully waits for him to recognize his blessings.  With an absent and indifferent father, how can Nadine point her children toward their heavenly Father?

Set on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau in the 1930's, Replacing Annis true to the way of life of the rugged, mountain families in that era.  It is inspired by stories of individuals and families that live-on today in the Plateau's oral tradition.

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Now Available at:

Hall Family Pharmacy, Clarkrange and Jamestown, Tennessee

Monterey Depot Museum, Monterey, Tennessee

French’s Shoes and Boots in Pigeon Forge, TN and Sevierville, TN

Cumberland Homesteads Tower Museum, Crossville, TN


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