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Introducing Tennessee Mountain Stories

Welcome to Tennessee Mountain Stories

Welcome!  Thank you for stopping in to visit my blog where we will be sharing and discussing the legends and lessons from the people, places and experiences of The Cumberland Plateau and all of Tennessee.

I have always been inspired by history – not the kind that makes it into textbooks, but the history that the common man lives every day.  Therein are the struggles of life, crying for another’s pain and rejoicing together.  There we see unlikely and unbreakable bonds formed.  There we can laugh at our own failures and our friends’ foibles. 

Since my childhood, I have enjoyed a rich tradition of storytelling.  What a blessing it has been to ‘know’ my family for several generations - if only through stories.  Now, it saddens me as my grandparents' generation ages.  Many have already passed on and many more are quickly losing precious memories.  Here, I will share tales I know and am learning, sometimes including fictional short stories based on real lives and real experiences.  We’ll also take a look together at books written by local authors or set in our region.  We’ll visit local events and discuss what we can learn from commemorating our shared history.  I invite you to post your comments on the stories, fill in details and expand on the story.  Do you have a story?  Maybe we can hear from a guest blogger.

Come back often, we’ll sit on a virtual porch and spend the afternoon in a good visit.