Tennessee Mountain Stories

The Purposes of Fruit Jars


My husband and I each drink a protein shake most mornings and after trying whisks, shaker bottles and blenders, the best way I’ve found to mix and drink them is in a good ole’ Mason jar.  Well my Ruthie saw me mixing it today and asked “Are you gonna’ drink out of that jar?”  I’m not sure what about the upbringing I’m giving her would ever make her incredulous to drinking from a fruit jar but she found it so curious that she asked to try it herself. 

Now, we’ve talked here before about using and re-using stuff like mayonnaise jars and snuff glasses but canning jars are used around my house for all kinds of stuff.  Anything that needs to be contained, kept airtight or carried away is subject to a jar.  And of course that always includes a glass of ice tea you need to take to the field with you, or cold water to carry out to the yard and of course my daily protein shake.  But I also store grains and beans and even nails and screws in jars.  In fact, when they started putting mayonnaise and jelly in plastic jars they were best for the garage because they wouldn’t break and strew glass and nails all over a driving path. 

My son recently asked me after we sang along with John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”, whether he was a country boy.  Of course I told him he was – but now I’m wondering if these kids need to see more uses for Mason jars, grass string and duct tape!

Do you still use fruit jars for more than fruit?  I hope you’ll click on “Comments” below and tell me all about it.