Book Review: True Heart Girls Devotional

true heart girls.jpg

The True Heart Girls Devotional (Kyle, Hendrickson, 2018) is a 15 week study for girls ages 8-12.  It is a charming book filled with colorful illustrations, activities and treasured lessons every young girl needs. 

I really appreciate the addition of pictures and borders through the book; just flipping through the pages you are invited to stop and read.  Endless pages of black text on white pages are not very excited for the targeted age group.  I’ve had the book in my house for a few weeks and my young daughter just keeps picking it up and asking questions about it. 

Most devotional books have a portion for journaling and with adult coloring all the rage these days I’m seeing bibles and devotionals galore with coloring pages interspersed throughout.  Mrs. Kyle has taken this more than a step forward – it’s a leap ahead.  Each week’s day 6 is a “Do It” project.  From creating salt crystals to prayer jars or baking bread or dog biscuits these are activities that an older girl could do on her own and which all girls would love sharing with a mother or grandmother.  There are also service projects like, “20 ways to show kindness”. 

The actual devotional stories are focused on the characteristics of God and what God does for us.  While I appreciate the devotions that direct children to think about and practice their own Christian attitudes and behaviors, it’s incredible to see a book directing them to think on God.  These are lessons Christians of any age could grow from.  The book teaches that “God takes care of every need,” “God forms families,” “God makes each new day,” and “God’s tender loving care,” as well as traits such as God’s kindness, faithfulness, joy, and mercy – just to name a few. 

Scripture references in True Heart Girls Devotional are from NIrV and NLT versions.   

Overall, I’m thrilled to recommend this lovely book to you and any young lady you might shop for. 

Sherry Kyle, author of True Heart Girls Devotional supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and impartial review.