Book Review:  Live Like Royalty


Live LIke Royalty.jpg

Jaida Campbell’s Live Like Royalty: Claim Your Inheritance in the Kingdom of God and Walk in Your Divine Purpose (M&J, 2019) presents both a challenge and a methodology for all Christian believers to appreciate God’s divine purpose and embrace it.

Laid out in 10 chapters, Mrs. Campbell first presents the biblical basis for her assertion that as believers in Jesus Christ we are joint heirs with Him and therefore part of his royal family.  Drawing on comparisons to Princess Grace of Monaco, she demonstrates the changes that must take place in our mindset and behavior and the abundant blessings resulting from those changes.

Each segment of the book provides a point of reflection and space to record your thoughts.  The book is currently available only in ebook format so those areas are naturally unusable in the Kindle apps.

Scripture verses are taken from several different translations and are generally well noted which version is quoted.  Occasionally verses are even presented in more than one translation to highlight the subtle differences.

Overall Live Like Royalty is an encouragement that I would recommend to any believer.  In fact, it would be essential to a new believer who needs to fully grasp her new role and the blessings she can expect as a daughter of The King.