Book Review: The Road to Magnolia Glen

Road to Magnolia Glen.jpg

The Road to Magnolia Glen (Hillman, Tyndale, 2018) introduces two Irish families immigrating to the United States via Louisiana in 1792.  It touches on issues such as the growing slave trade in the new nation and human trafficking.  The crime of those early years is evident and terrifying as well as the hardships of travel and communication as well as the lack of medical care. 

So there’s a lot of bleakness in the story but it seems historically accurate and the true-to-life picture that was presented absolutely captivated me.  This is a romance and as usual in the genre it’s obvious from the beginning who will end up with whom.  But the tragedies of the era and the emotions of the characters make for a very compelling story that I could recommend to anyone to read. 

Both Keira Young and Quinn O’Shea are people of strong faith and their reliance on God is woven through the whole story.  The image of religion in early America was very interesting to me as well with all of the people of a plantation coming together to worship together in the absence of a formal church.

Tyndale House supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.