Book Review: Heavenly Minded Mom


Heavenly Minded Mom (Bennett, Kate, Abingdon Press, 2018) is a devotional directed to moms of all ages with children of all ages.  While it’s great to have a devotion book written to a specific era and situation in your life, I have truly enjoyed these daily readings that would be helpful for any mother. 

From wealth and ease to fun and friends, so many of the things we hope for, even idolize, for our children do not end when they complete their teen years or establish their own homes.  Mothers want more and more for their children so long as both are living.  Yet Mrs. Bennett reveals to us that we are setting up these lofty dreams as idols and once exposed she urges us to tear them down and replace them with the light and the truth of God’s word.

Each day a scripture reading is given (from the New International Version) then  3 or 4 paragraphs speaking to a mother’s heart.  This is followed by additional scripture references in a section entitled “Embracing God’s Word” then a couple of questions to guide your journaling for the day.

Abingdon Press, the publisher of Heavenly Minded Mom supplied a copy of this book for me to review.  They sent an electronic copy and there are several things I did not enjoy in that format.  There is no Table of Contents so there was no way to look at the whole book and peruse the subjects that would be covered.  Also, that always makes it difficult for me if I lose my place in the digital book or if there was a particular subject I want to re-visit.  Also, should you lose your place, there are no dates on the individual entries, so you don’t have that means of finding your place.  If I were going to buy this for a friend I would no doubt choose the paper version.

Overall, I can recommend Heavenly Minded Mom.