Book Review: High as the Heavens, Breslin, Kate, 2017 Bethany House Publishers

High as the Heavens is an historical novel set in Belgium during World War I and follows a young nurse as she works with a resistance group in the occupied territory.

I really enjoyed the setting as I find this to be a neglected era with most books focused on the late 19th Century or the second world war.  Ms. Breslin develops fascinating characters and weaves a spellbinding story line of history and intrigue. 

Every novel these days seems to be a romance and I loved the perspective in this story of a married couple and their struggles during the separations of war. 

The story drew me in and I was eager to see rescues completed and missions fulfilled.  I was angry with the German Kaiser and mourned with the widows and mothers of fallen soldiers on both sides.

Beer, wine and liquor flow freely throughout the story with the main characters partaking and the author detailing the flavors and scents of the alcohol.  This is a controversial approach and given the detrimental results of alcohol abuse within the American culture (where this novel is published) this element weighs heavily in the strength of my recommendation. 

The publisher supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and impartial review.