Review of: The Berenstain Bears Bless our Gramps & Gran

Review of:  The Berenstain Bears Bless our Gramps & Gran (Berenstain, Mike, Zonderkidz, 2017)

Perhaps it is unfair for me to review The Berenstain Bears because I am such a huge fan that it’s almost impossible for me to be unbiased.  Yet every time the publisher offers me the opportunity to write about another chapter in the lives of the adorable little bears I say yes.

Any child that’s ever bored on a rainy day will identify with Bless our Gramps & Gran as will those children who have grandparents they think can move mountains or lasso the moon.  Papa Bear and Mama Bear help the cubs to find a way to celebrate these precious people in their lives.  They recount the things that are special about their grandparents then Papa Bear shows them in the Bible that Noah would have had many grandchildren after God directed him to replenish the earth.

As we’ve come to expect the Berenstain illustrations are adorable and beautifully presented. 

I would very strongly recommend Bless our Gramps and Gran for any child.

Zonderkidz, the publisher of There Berenstain Bears Bless our Gramps and Gran” supplied a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.