Book Review: My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word, Thomas Nelson 2016

My Bible Adventure contains 52 bible stories for kids.  The stories begin in Genesis chapter 1 and end in Acts chapter 16.  Each story gives the scripture reference then tells the story in terms young children can understand. The story is followed by “Today’s Adventure” which relates the bible story to relevant, current situations.  There is a “Pray with me” section with a short prayer you can lead your child to say.  Finally the “Take it with you” section succinctly summarizes the whole devotional.

The illustrations in My Bible Adventure are beautiful, brightly colored and very interesting to little eyes.  It is printed on thicker, slick paper which allows the colors to really pop off the page while it seems to be a little stronger and may prevent children’s hands from tearing it so easily.

Each story is written by a different person or couple from around the country.  I found it fascinating to see where these stories came from and will enjoy pointing out these locations to my children.

The book includes a ribbon marker which seems like such a simple addition but is an indispensable tool in a book that you wouldn’t try to read from cover to cover in one sitting.  There are a couple of great lists included at the end of the book:  The Books of the Bible and The Twelve Disciples; these are great lists to memorize and it’s nice to have them included in the colorful illustration scheme.

There is no actual scripture printed in the book save an appendix of “Selected verses from the Book of Proverbs.”  These are given in the International Children’s Bible version.

I would highly recommend this bible story book.

Thomas Nelson, the publisher of My Bible Adventure supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and impartial review.