Book Review: Love’s Faithful Promise

Love’s Faithful Promise (Mason, Susan Anne, Bethany House 2016) is the third book in Mason’s “Courage to Dream” series.  It opens in 1922 as young medical student Deirdre O’Leary rushes to her mother’s bedside.  Colleen O’Leary has just suffered a stroke and her wealthy husband is determined she will have the very best care available.  Unfortunately, the best is Matthew Clayborne and he’s unwilling to uproot his motherless daughter to travel to Long Island where the O’Leary estate lies.  When Deirdre’s attempts to convince Matthew fail she settles in to learn his techniques in order to treat her mother herself.  Eventually Matthew agrees to go to Mrs. O’Leary and the journey blesses him, his daughter and Deirdre as well and by the book’s end they’ve married.

I really enjoyed Love’s Faithful Promise as it explored deep and painful emotions in both Matthew and Deirdre’s pasts.  Even Matthews young daughter has been through a lot but faces life with the resilience of childhood and enjoys the beauty of her surroundings whether she’s on the rustic Long Island estate or her Boston home.

Both the O’Leary’s and Dr. Clayborne live amid the wealth of the 1920’s and Mrs. Mason beautifully presents the setting. 

I would certainly recommend this to you.

Bethany House, the publisher of Love’s Faithful Promise supplied a copy of this title for review purposes.