Book Review: KJV Word Study Bible, Thomas Nelson 2017

I’ve reviewed several study bibles over the past few months but I knew as soon as I opened the box containing the KJV Word Study Bible that I had a winner in my hands.  Perhaps the review copies that are sent out are naturally going to be in the least expensive bindings, but when I’m considering a study bible one of the things I’m thinking about is how well the binding will hold up.  Just a note about personal experience, in my favorite study bible I’m carrying the THIRD copy that I’ve owned simply because the binding did not hold up and after a few months big chunks of pages are separating. 

The binding of this bible is called “leathersoft” which is some kind of manmade material but it has a really good feel and my instinct is that it will wear pretty well.  It does have a ribbon page marker and pretty good quality paper, not the onion skin we traditionally see in bibles.

The words of Christ are in red and the font throughout the bible is very clear and easy to read.  There is not commentary included, but there are 1700 “easy-to-understand Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek word studies.”  The Strong’s reference number is included if you want to cross reference to that larger work.  I did try a cross reference and frankly I appreciated the explanation giving in the KJV Word Study Bible better than that of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. 

Less than 2 inches thick and measuring 9 ½ by 6 ½ inches, this is a great size to carry with you to church.  That doesn’t allow much room for notes in the margins and there are only 2 blank pages between the concordance and the maps.

There are 8 beautiful maps again with very readable font – it’s amazing how important clear fonts become with every passing year!  Also included is a 19 page concordance which doesn’t list numerous uses of a word but gives a single descriptive passage.

Overall, I’m thrilled to give the KJV Word Study Bible five stars.

Thomas Nelson, the publisher of the KJV Word Study Bible supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and impartial review.