Book Review: The Low Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler


The Low Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler, Tim Sanford, Tyndale House, 2016 is a great book for any parent.  Mr. Sanford gives very practical advice first in adjusting the mindset a parent has.  He accurately points out some of the flawed thinking that can trap and defeat parents. 

Our children come in all shapes and sizes – both physically and emotionally.  If your particular child isn’t just what you were or just what your mother, mother-in-law or pastor thinks he should be, Mr. Sanford has comfort to offer.  He urges parents to focus on the fundamentals of parenting – nurturing and validating. 

Once free of the bondage of perfectionist-thinking, he offers three major principles with practical, day-to-day action items: Make friends with free will, Step away from the power struggle and Reduce the rules.

This will be a great addition to the library of any parent..