Book Review: The KJV Daily Devotional

The content of The KJV Daily Devotional gets 4 stars however, the digital format gets only 2.

kjv daily devotional.jpg

This daily devotional provides a short well-applied devotion – probably just about a half page each.  The scripture is printed along with the story so that you would not have to have your Bible open with it, and the verses are in the King James translation. 

I really like that the translation is declared in the very title of this book.  I am often frustrated by devotional books that mix a lot of different translations throughout, or only declare which translation is being used in tiny print among the legal stuff.  There are some translations I prefer over others and some that I’m simply not willing to use so I always wish I knew what I was getting in that department and usually end up having both a devotion book and my bible open at the same time.  So this is a really positive factor in The KJV Daily Devotional.

There are no dates on the individual devotions which is both positive and negative.  Even if you miss reading for a day – or two – if there is a date you can find your place in the book and move through it during the year.  Without dates you simply rely on a bookmark and can easily repeatedly read pages. 

The only real negatives I have to offer in this review are in the digital formatting and I’m not at all pleased with that part.  Because there are no dates on the individual devotions you can only read this eBook like you would a novel – page by page.  There is also no table of contents so that you have the option to jump to “His Joy” or “Stop Pretending”.  Maybe this is by design so you would not be tempted to skip around but if your reading app loses your place then you’re stuck flipping through the pages and I guess just randomly choosing a place to stop.

There are no page breaks between each entry so using the digital copy you just have to stop after reading a portion of a page then when you return to the book the next day you start in the middle of the page.  It would have been much nicer to have a new page to start on each time I returned to the book.

Barbour Publishing provided a complimentary copy of The KJV Daily Devotional in exchange for a fair review