Book Review: Prayers of Blessing over your Husband

In Prayers of Blessings over your Husband, author Bruce Wilkinson shares blessings he’s enjoyed and lessons he’s learned from his wife’s years of praying over him.    

Prayers of Blessings over your Husband.png

The book is well-written and educational.  It offers insights any wife can use to bolster her husband and therefore strengthen her marriage and increase the joy in that relationship.  This is a book to utilize from a position of strength.  He makes the very valid point that instead of praying, “Change him God” we should pray “Bless him Lord” and a man showered with God’s blessings will naturally be a creature you want to live with and someone who is easy to love.  Still you would need some pretty good communication in your relationship before you could implement many of the practices he promotes.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an impartial review.  The copy I received was digital and I want to disclose that early-on because the format certainly colors my review.

I’m finding more and more that in non-fiction or reference books the digital format is difficult for me to use and enjoy.  In a novel I read it front to back with very little flipping around.  If I return to the book it’s usually to read it the same way again.  However, in a non-fiction work like this I want to go back and reference certain parts of it – in the case of a prayer-topic I want to go to the secrets that this book disclosed and pray through them.  However, it would take many minutes of page turning to find that section again.  There is no table of contents where I might be quickly taken to a specific section.  Of course I could manually bookmark those sections myself – like dog-earring a page but again that would require an investment of my time.

I can only give one overall rating of 3 stars, but I would really like to rate the content of the book at 4 stars and the digital formatting at 2 stars.