Tennessee Mountain Stories

Strange Marker

I found this article from the Monterey Dispatch printed in the mid 1980’s and found it fascinating so I wanted to share…

Strange Marker.JPG


What is This Strange Marker?

Shortly after the end of the last century, a worker along a section of what was once the pioneer road through Middle Tennessee, The Walton Road, accidentally discovered markings under a heavy layer of moss growing over a huge stone.  The chance of seeing much markings under such a growth of moss was remote in itself.  The worker carefully removed the moss and cleaned the area using acid and was startled to discover the carving of an Indian’s head along with other symbols.

A close observation reveals the head of an Indian, an arrow, a crooked mark, and two dots on either side of the crooked mark.  The head of the Indian measures some nine inches across.  The stone was removed from its original site and taken to a youth camp where it still may be seen today.  The mystery of the stone still lingers!

Who carved the image and why?  Was it carved as a hoax?  Does it mark the burial site of some important person or persons?  Does it mark the site of buried treasure?  Why the Indian?  Where did the arrow point?  What of the two dots and the crooked mark?  The answer to these questions are as far removed from man as the one who carved it so long ago!


I hope you found this as fascinating as I did – but of course it left me with more questions than answers!  There’s not even an author’s byline nor is the youth camp named where the stone is available. 

Are you wondering if that unnamed worker carefully documented where he found it and which direction it was pointing?  Does it remind you of the strangely carved stone I shared here some time back?