Book Review: Every Day With Jesus 365 Devotions for Kids

Every Day With Jesus 365 Devotions for Kids.jpg

Charles Stanley’s devotions for children is a great book.  Every Day with Jesus is setup much as you’d expect with a one page per day devotion consisting of a short verse of scripture, a few words of education and encouragement then a one or two line prayer.  The bottom of each page is bordered with what you can to with Jesus today.  Each page is dated and a ribbon is supplied in the binding for easy page marking.  There are a few lined pages for notes at the end and a little information about Dr. Stanley but no other end material.

While written simply, these devotions would be great for kids of all ages.  There are not colorful pictures that might draw the youngest readers but the language is such that even late-teens could continue to grow by reading this book. 

The version of scripture presented is the International Children’s Bible.

Overall this is a great devotional that I am looking forward to reading throughout the year with my own children.  Therefore I gladly recommend it to other readers.

Thomas Nelson, the publisher of Every Day With Jesus supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.