Product Review: Meera Lee Patel Greeting Cards

Meera Lee Patel Greeting Cards.jpg

Crown Publishing has issued a beautifully boxed set of 12 note cards designed by Meera Lee Patel.  They sent me a set to review.

The cards are decorated with what I’m going to call watercolor illustrations.  Of course I’m not entirely sure of the medium but the appearance is very much like watercolor.  So that type of art is not as realistic as maybe oil or even pencil but it’s a pretty picture nonetheless.  Each card also sports a quote from some famous person – some I’d never heard of I must admit.

The box indicates only that they are “note cards”  but the quotes all seem to be geared toward encouragement in a time of trouble.  A couple of examples, “…Someday this pain will be useful…,” “Fears are paper tigers,” and “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”  These are all fine thoughts, but they seem to really limit the use of the cards since they aren’t really the sort of messages you’d want to send when you’re just dropping a note to a friend or inquiring after someone’s health.  

I’m going to give this product only 3 stars based solely on the presentation.  If they were presented as cards of encouragement or ‘notes for trying times’ they would definitely be a 5 star item.