Book Review: KJV Know the Word Study Bible

Know the Word Study Bible

kjv know the word study bible.jpg

Each book of the Bible opens with a great introduction which includes a “how to study” that particular book. Unique to each book, I found it a wonderful approach to book-studies.  This introduction directs you to “Study the Book Highlights” that are found among the chapters.

Within the text of the book are bold and clear text headers that allow the eye to quickly scan a two-page spread.  However, there is no cross reference which I miss.

The copy I received is hardback and it bound in the tried and true fabric-over-board construction.  I had just a little concern about the wearability of the cloth in a book that would be handled a lot.  I fear it will soil quickly. There is also no ribbon marker and while even writing that feels pretty picky, in a study book it’s an awfully nice addition.  I do not know if the leather-bound version of this book would include the markers. The weight of the paper in my copy was great.  It’s thin so the book doesn’t become overly large of heavy yet it is thicker than the traditional onion skin of bibles.

There are topical articles spread throughout covering everything from sanctification to sin and temptation.  Each topic contains 3 or 4 articles that are positioned near where that topic is discussed within the scripture.  The articles also refer you to other places in the word and they end by directing you to the next article in that topic.  I really enjoyed this feature.

Like it’s NKJV cousin, I am happy to give the KJV Know the Word Study Bible 4 stars.  Thomas Nelson, the publisher of KJV: Know the Word Study Bible supplied a copy of this bible in exchange for a fair and impartial review.