Book Review: American Woman’s Bible

I’ve been delaying writing this review because I want to be completely frank yet it’s hard to write a less-than-rave review of a Bible.  Yet, that is I’m afraid what I must present to you. 

The American Woman’s Bible is a companion to the American Patriot’s Bible which was also edited by Dr. Richard G. Lee.  He explains in the introduction that while researching the American Patriot’s Bible his eyes were opened to “the superiority of [the American] women” [pg ix].

I love the idea of celebrating and drawing courage from the women of our past and Dr. Green does a wonderful job presenting brief biographies and character sketches of the women who helped to form this great nation.  He also incorporates quotes and poems that are well worth reading and remembering.  I have nothing bad to say about the quality of his research or his presentation style.  As a booklet about American history or American personalities, I would gladly read this work.

However, the retail price on the book’s back is $34.99 and for a 1500 page book that seems a reasonable price point.  Still I’m unsure how exactly I would use this particular bible.  It is a nice hard-bound bible of the New King James Version so it would be fine for carrying to church or bible study class.  But the additional material doesn’t particularly help you understand the scripture or point you to reference material in other parts of God’s word for deeper study.   So you wouldn’t call it study bible. 

There are entries about character traits or behaviors we should emulate such as thankfulness, or honor or justice.  These articles incorporate stories of women who particularly exhibited them and they are very encouraging.  In this way I can imagine using this book as a daily reading bible.

For overall value and practicality I would give the American Women’s Bible only two stars.  However, for the value of the historical material I am giving it three stars.

Thomas Nelson, publisher of the American Woman's Bible supplied a copy of this book for the purpose of review.