Book Review: One Spring Lamb

One Spring Lamb by Anne Vittur Kennedy (2015, Thomas Nelson) is a delightful children’s book about Springtime and Easter. 

This is a counting book that sums up ten elements of springtime, including Easter dresses, baskets and eggs.  It wraps up with “So many gifts from God’s own Son.  On Easter it’s a joy to know that Jesus lives and loves me so” which I found to be a beautiful ending as it’s accompanied by an illustration of a child sleeping with his stuffed animals all around him. 

The book is of board construction so it will last through many page turners by little hands.   The cover depicts the little lamb with jonquils and tulips which are treated so they sparkle and really invite toddlers to choose this book from the pile.  The illustrations are bright and colorful with flowers, kites and butterflies.

Overall this is a lovely children’s book that I am pleased to review with five stars.

Thomas Nelson, the publisher of One Spring Lamb supplied a copy of this book for review purposes.