Just Like Jesus Storybook

Book Review:   Just like Jesus, Stephen Elkins, Tyndale House Publishers, 2015

Just like Jesus Storybook presents forty qualities of Jesus Christ, followed by a bible verse in The New Living Translation.  Next is an eight to ten line explanation of what that characteristic means.  On the following page is a “Jesus In Me” application specifically for children.  The final page for that section has a short prayer and a statement “To be like Jesus I will…”

This is an absolutely adorable children’s book.  The illustrations are reminiscent of Bob the Builder and are charming with bright colors throughout the book.  The final page of each section is a buble or polka-dot background in varying colors.  Every page has some picture, from a tiny animal to leaves blowing in the wind. 

This is not a traditional bible story book.  However, the content of the book seems to be as charming as the pictures.  While it doesn’t tell the bible stories per se, it teaches the lessons of those classic stories without telling all the details.  For example, while telling of Jesus healing a leper in Mark chapter 1, only five lines are used:

“Help me!” the man begged.  Jesus stopped what He was doing, reached out, and healed him!  Jesus didn’t want the man to be sick.  His big heart was full of compassion!

Perhaps that’s the beauty of writing to children.  They don’t require a thirty-minute sermon to understand one value-packed bible verse!

My children loved this book.  They are drawn to the pictures even though they can’t yet read the words.  And that makes them eager to sit with the book when I am available to read it to them.

I am certainly giving Just Like Jesus Storybook five stars as I believe it will be a favorite in many families.

Tyndale House Publishers supplied this book in exchange for a fair review.