My Sing-Along Bible

Book Review: My Sing-Along Bible, Stephen Elkins, Tyndale House Publishers, 2015

My Sing-Along Bible is an adorable little children’s book which teaches a bible verses and relates them to a short story-lesson.  For each story, lyrics for a song are also presented.  Each song is recorded on the included cd.

The stories are brightly colored and beautifully illustrated.  The bible verses are from the New Living Translation, which is offered by the same publisher so it’s a logical choice for the author.  However, I believe it’s important for children learning verses to consistently use the same version.  Therefore, you should consider what translation you prefer and what translation will be offered to your children most of the time.

There is a “little lesson” with each story and they are a great addition.   They include things like “God will take care of you” (page 57), “God is in control” (page 4), and “Jesus loves little children” (page 69).  If you used this book at night, those would be great thoughts to leave in your children’s thoughts at bedtime. 

The cd has fifty songs plus two which present the Old and New Testament books.  However, the stories in the book are not numbered to correlate to the tracks on the cd.  Therefore, you either have to listen to all fifty-two at once, or do some searching.  I will probably write in song numbers in the book, but that would have been an easy thing to have included in the printing.

I’m afraid I didn’t really enjoy the music, simply because it isn’t “my beat”.  However, if you are a fan of modern, praise music, I believe you would enjoy it.  Lines are often repeated – and that is indicated in the written lyrics as “2x” or “3x”.  There are a few classic children’s songs included like “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”, and “Dem Bones”.

Overall, this is definitely a book I believe my children will enjoy and they will certainly key bible lessons from it. 

Tyndale House Publishers supplied this book in exchange for a fair review.